T & C s

We do not like to be strict about rules, however being a responsible Company and an experienced party organiser, I ask you to follow some simple rules and guidelines to ensure we offer your children maximum fun within a usual low risk playroom.

The Inflatable parties are fast, active and create huge amounts of excitement for the children. They run around constantly having fun with no real need for interaction from adults unless they are under 3 years old.

Our supervisors are at hand with a strong presence during playtime and are not afraid to step in to stop any potential accidents from happening.

As a Company we have an excellent record for entertainment, it’s as good as our record for safety and we intend to continue this good work for each and every party we host.

Some simple rules and guidelines:

  1. Named supervisors will be looking after the trampoline at all times and will be given instructions by a trampoline Instructor. Please ensure they are happy to follow the rules.
  2. Children who are playing rough and endangering themselves or possibly others on the Inflatables will be asked to sit out for a short period of time to cool off. Please support our staff if these situations arise.
  3. Parents can assist children on the Inflatables when they feel they need to BUT please do not let your adults who are attending the party behave like children themselves on the equipment, they will blush when asked to sit on the naughty step!
  4. Please ensure all belongings are taken away with you. We will not be held responsible for items of clothing etc. left in the playroom.
  5. Bin bags and brushes are provided for cleaning up after the party, the food room must be left tidy and rubbish taken to the skips on site.
  6. Hot drinks are provided by Abbots Parties Ltd at an additional cost of £10. Please do not bring in your own kettles and tea etc. Our parties are insured as a package by which we are supplying all items.

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